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Beloved Shoes

Prior to ankle doomsday, I enjoyed wearing various types of shoes:  practical, impractical, solid, patterned, etc.  My focus was not on brand, designer, or trend but rather on pure look.  If I thought a pair of shoes was elegant, fun, or could be worn in a specific context, I would get it.

I love these elegant jellies. Sadly, I purchased them just a few months before the accident. I've been known to slip them on during seated portions of fancy events.

I took shoes for granted.  I think most able-bodied people do.  A night on 3-inch heels (I’m tall, so I look silly if I go much higher than that) produced transitory heel pain or insignificant blisters; annoying, but no big deal.

I wore these at home all the time...and to high school on a few occasions (which was silly because they have a soft sole).

I don’t spend my days steeped in self pity over the fact that I now have quite limited shoe options; however, there are some specific pairs of shoes that I do miss:

Unlike the coolest kids, I actually tied my Adidas Superstars in front. No lace tucking for me.

To my pre-accident shoes, which sit untouched and unworn in a clear plastic storage case in my parents’ basement — this post is for you.  I have taken you out of the virtual closet.


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Let’s Get Some Shuz

...and what a lovely family it is.

Can an aching foot find a comfy home?

One of my smallest concerns (essentially a non-concern) post- ankle debacle has been that I can’t wear 90% of the shoes I owned prior to the accident.  I’ve held onto my cutest shoes in hopes that some day I will be able to wear them.  (But if you’re a size 9 [women] and feeling persuasive, you can try me…).

More upfront in my mind is how I can find comfortable, supportive shoes that keep my feet in a neutral position — not plantar-flexed as they are in the Z-Coil shoes below, and not topsy-turvy as they are in a rocker bottom a la MBTs.  In a quest for comfort,

I walked in these puppies for almost a year. I'm amazed I still have friends.

I have had to (try to) sideline the shame accompanied by wearing shoes with springs on the bottom or sperm as the logo.

I am currently wearing a less conspicuous pair of shoes:  Asics Gel Kayanos in white with blue and green trim.  I’ve also recently found some incredibly cushiony, stable boots that do not look one bit orthopedic.

  • What kind of shoes do you wear for cushion and stability?
  • Which shoes do you wear when you work out?
  • Do you know of any companies that make decent-looking ortho shoes?
~Post your ideas and run with them.

Really? You couldn’t have picked a less awkward logo? I colored mine in with black sharpie but it wore off.


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